According to the study, there are more than fifty million American who are suffering from the problem of allergies. Allergy triggers are everywhere and you may face the problem of stuffy nose, itching, red eyes, coughing and rashes after coming into their contact. It is also seen that many people are very sensitive and they have pet allergies.

Dog and cat are the most common pets which you may find almost every house in the US. Now the question which attracts our attention is controlling of symptoms and living with the pet allergies. It is completely understandable that pet allergies are very serious and you will not like to suffer from it. Living without a pet is a very crucial task for many people. They are very closely attached to the pets and there is good emotional bonding. In that situation, it is very hard to maintain a healthy routine life with pet allergies.

Changing your preferences

This may not sound good to you but you can make your life easier with the pet allergies by coming less into contact with pets. There is no doubt that pet lover may find it very difficult. In case you are habitual of keeping an animal pet than you can make certain changes in your preferences. You should avoid animal which is heaving fluffy hair or fur. Mostly it is seen that pet hair works like allergy trigger and simulate the problem in several folds. You can give preference to pets which are not heaving fur. For example fish, turtle, snake etc. are best.  You may be able to live an easier life with them without getting adversely affected.

Cleaning Habits

Commonly it is seen that after coming in contact with the pets some pet owners don’t wash their hands. This can be a serious problem and may put a bad impact on your healthy particularly when you have a pet allergy. There some areas of the body which are very sensitive for example eyes, nose and skin. You must also remember the fact that pets usually kip licking their hair to keep themselves clean. Their saliva has some very hazardous bacteria which are hazardous to us. So no matter whether you have pet hair on your palm or not, you should wash your hand with good solution or soap. You can also use a good quality hand sanitizer for this. It is noticeable fact that these bacteria cannot be seen with the necked eyes.

Make pet-free zone

It is natural that most of the people prefer to have very common pets like dog and cats. They have fur and it is almost impossible to avoid the allergy symptoms while living with them. But you can make a big difference by deciding a pet free zone in the house. You can take rest there and make sure that this room must not have wall to wall curtain and carpets on the floor. For this zone, you should better use HEPA vacuum cleaners. They will help you get rid of allergens. To know what are the best ones to buy, read here.

You will be able to live a more comfortable life even with the pets of your choice by following this very simple rule.